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And She Was...

By the time you read this the world will have changed

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The overwhelming majority of entries in this journal are public. If you would like to add it to your friends list, feel free...you'll get a glimpse into most of what I do. There are rare occasions that I do make a "friends only" post. There's a reason for that-there are some pieces of my life that I do choose to keep more private. It's not a personal thing if I don't add you to my "friends" page just because I'm on yours, it's a time thing. Chances are, if you've added me, I'll read your journal, but I may not read it on a daily basis, so don't get upset if you don't appear on my friends list-it doesn't mean I'm not reading you.

Please read this post about filters, because I do use them. It's important to me to have the option to decide who sees and hears what...and I'd like my confidentiality respected please.

I also keep a second, separate journal, which relates to some of the kinky aspects in my life. I don't publicize the name of that one, and I keep tighter controls on who does read that. Let me know if you're interested in it.

You can read 100 things you didn't know about me about me here.

Yes, I do moderate bisexual. Please do not leave comments here regarding community issues, unless they're on a post relating to bisexual. You can e-mail only regarding bisexual issues to ljbisexual at wrexham dot net. If you leave a comment in my journal asking to be added to bisexual I will not add you to the community. I will tell you to go back and follow the instructions.

I also moderate immigration_wed for people involved in the process of bringing a partner to another country, or moving to another country by marriage.

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